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What We Do Together

I help my clients navigate their way to and through retirement with:



Retirement Planning



Social Security Strategy



Investment Management


Investment Philosophy

Successful investors avoid emotional decisions, rely on evidence and stick to what’s tried and true. Therefore, I recommend investment portfolios based on sound research and evidence. I don’t believe in market-timing, stock-picking or other common “active management” practices that are unlikely to “beat the market” and often underperform a simple index-based portfolio. No one has the expertise to predict the market’s direction consistently or pick stocks or actively managed mutual fund managers who will outperform, especially over the long term.

Bungee jumping should be thrilling. Responsible investing—not so much.

My Fees

All your assets are controlled by you and held in your name, by an independent custodian. I receive no compensation from them. You have online access to your portfolio 24/7.