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Dedicated to Protecting and Serving

I know right from wrong. 

I don’t sell (or benefit from the sale) of the investments I recommend. You are my only source of income—I don’t earn anything other than the fees you pay for my services. I am also a licensed life insurance agent and have the skills and experience to review your life insurance needs. I will only recommend the purchase of a life insurance that is in your best interest. 

I am a Social Security expert. 

For over 10 years, I have been teaching classes on Social Security claiming strategies. Without an informed strategy in place, you’re at risk of leaving thousands of dollars in benefits on the table.

I always place your interest first. 

I’m a “fiduciary,” which means I must disclose all conflicts of interest and always resolve any such conflicts in your favor. I like to say: There’s nothing unspoken between us. No hidden fees or incentives. No hidden anything.